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ARIZONA KNITTING and NEEDLEPOINT Where Black Friday never ends!!


Yes, we're here again with a new-look website. Those of you who are returning customers will, unfortunately, have to re-register. Not our fault, honestly. When we returned after a few week's summer break, the website had gone to h---, possibly due to the shippers, UPS and USPS upgrading their software and it not working with our installation. We cannot get a definitive explanation from our hosting company either.

(Shipping not yet completely sorted, although we are getting there. You'll no longer get an error message saying 'no shipping to this address'. Nor will there be inflated shipping quotes like $258 for a 14lb parcel. What now tends to occur is a greatly underpriced shipping number. Obviously with our deeply discounted prices, we cannot absorb such costs, so you will receive a message with an adjusted shipping cost. For example, an order for 90 balls with shipping of $10 will be adjusted to $32)

 All the yarn and canvas images are back on the site, many much improved images.

Just a little tinkering with associations to be completed, but that is a feature of most websites, always ironing out the wrinkles and trying to improve the customers' experience.

With the 25%($200-$499)/40%($500-$999)/50%($1000+) discounts offered, you have an amazing opportunity to grab some wonderful bargains. REMEMBER, these are already heavily discounted prices!!!  So start refilling those stashes. Re-register if you wish (you can also purchase items as a 'guest') .

Needlepointers, here's your chance to grab some outstanding bargain canvasses also.

After you have filled your cart and clicked Checkout you will pass on to the Summary page, there, beneath the product image(s) you will see the heading VOUCHERS and the 3 discount levels. Double click on the percentage relevant to your order total (less shipping) and the discount will be applied by 'jumping into the box'. You can also type in the discount level.

 Remember too, advice is always available.

NOW, scroll down to the bottom of this, the Home Page, look for the heading CATEGORIES on the left hand side and click the one you are interested in. Once in that Category, look for the 'sub-categories' to take you to specific areas of the main category.

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